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How to be better at tennis and poker
Tennis is regarded as one of the most exhilarating sports played on a court. The sport hasn't changed much since it was first played in the first French Open in 1925 where it opened its doors to all amateur players, and has since become a popular sport even in today’s changing world. Being the only Grand Slam tournament with a clay court, it is considered to be the most physically demanding of the tennis Grand Slams.

The game relies heavily on hand-eye coordination and is a grueling test of stamina for both players. In order to do well in tennis, players are encouraged to play a lot of video games or other online games such as poker to improve hand-eye coordination. Playing online at improves concentration levels and decision making skills that are needed to be successful in tennis. Your mental acuity can mean the difference between a win and a disheartening loss when your body is tired and about to give in to fatigue. Poker can teach you a lot of disciplines that you can't find in any other games. The ability to observe your opponent and predict his next move, concealing physical, mental fatigue and distress are just some of the benefits of hard earned poker training. It can take a lengthy time to learn your opponent's mannerisms and style in tennis; which side they favour, how they return a serve when they're tired and how they lean when trying to place the ball somewhere on the court, but your poker training can certainly help you in this area. Since tennis is predominantly a physical game, it's understandable to miss the psychological aspects needed to be successful in it.

Dave Winship (6 December 2012)

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